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  1. Patent Search and Invalidity Report 
  2. Freedom to Operate Search
  3. Drafting of Provisional Patent
  4. White Space Analysis
  5. Drafting of Final Patent
  6. White Space Analysis
  7. Pre-Grant and Post Grant Opposition  
  8. Patent Litigation
  9. Freedom to Operate Search
  10. Patent landscaping 
  11. White Space Analysis

What is  a Patent 

A Patent protects invention of the patentee and excludes others from making, using, selling, importing the patented product or process for producing the patented product/process except with the consent of  Patentee. Petent  will be granted if it is new, involving inventive step and capable of industrial application. However, it must not fall into the categories of inventions that are non- patentable under Section 3 and 4 of the Act. 


i. Product 
ii. Process 


  1. Filing of Provisional/complete  Application
  2. Grant of priority date 
  3. Publication of Applicaitn
  4. Examination Report
  5. Grant of Patent 


Term of every patent in India is 20 years from the date of filing of patent application. However, in case of applications filed under PCT the term of 20 years begins from International filing date. 


All the patent applications are kept secret up to 18 months from the date of filing or priority date whichever is earlier and thereafter they are published in the Official Journal of the Patent Office

However, following applications are not published.
A) Application in which secrecy direction is imposed 
B) Application which has been abandoned u/s 9(1) and 
C) Application which has been withdrawn 3 months prior to 18 months. deveducation.com

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